Week 5–Intro to Fab–Materials & Fasteners

IMG_0708 2

It all started with a story. My friend told me a story of her grandma while she was on this earth. , and while I didn’t know her personally, her selflessness and character resonated with me. For this and many other reasons, I decided to dedicate this piece to her, and this image was my inspiration.

IMG_0869The media I used to create this piece were as followed:

  • Acrylic plastic
  • 2 different types of Plywood
  • Laser Printer
  • Acrylic Paint-Blue, White, and Red
  • 1x Paint Brush
  • 1x Glue Gun
  • 1x Clamp
  • 1x A special type of material that I forgot the name  of {used for the etched image}

IMG_0870Before I did anything on my sparingly acrylic, I tested with the handy-dandy cardboard. And it was a good thing I did. After pressing Only “raster” with appropriate setting, the 75-watt laser printer decided it wanted to cut and etch anyway. Interesting enough, it gave me crucial feedback as I was still contemplating whether I wanted to cut or etch the plastic. It was clear after this incident that etching would be the choice.


The end results came out just as I imagined even though the printer was still acting whacky. The next process would be to paint the wood.

After adding a light coat to the plywood. I was able to adhere mostly everything with the hot glue! To enforce that adhesion, I clamped majority of the piece down with the c clamp. The final touches were ready to be added.


“The Protector”

animated 5

I call the piece, The Protector. One, because as a grandmother was the epitome of that, shielding her granddaughter from much negativity and danger growing up. And two, because of the elephants. It is not a coincident her grandmother LOVED elephants! And, when I think of a protector in the Animal Kingdom the elephant, is the first one to come to mind. I am sure her love, legacy, and protection will carry on even now while she is in Heaven.  I look forward to finalizing the gift by enclosing it in a nice wooden frame before giving it to my friend.



The Journey Begins!

asphalt environment grass highway
Photo by suzukii xingfu on Pexels.com

Greetings and salutation everyone! I am happy to begin my next chapter in the Big Apple @ NYU Tisch School of Arts.  My program is called Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and here, I get to combine technology with the arts to say the VERY least.  I am excited to be outside my comfort zone as I am not sure what my next steps are. However, I am sure that over these next few years, I will challenge myself daily to try new things, keep an open mind, and to purposefully explore. Again, welcome to the start of my new journey!

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